HYPNOTHERAPY FOR Procrastination

Reconcile Unwanted Unconscious Habits with Conscious Goals & Resolutions!

One application of hypnotherapy that I practice is the resolution of conscious-unconscious mind disagreements or conflicts, including those at the root of procrastination.  One of the most insidious things about procrastination is that, to the unconscious mind, future markers that aren't perpetually linked to specific timepoint no matter when in time you reference them, such as "tomorrow" or "next time," will always be inescapably linked to the concept of "in the future" and never will be "in the here and now," so it will not generate the feelings of preparedness and resolve you'll need to actually do what you consciously know you should do!

I use NLP and in-hypnotic-trance messaging of what you consciously already know about the proper labeling of when tasks should be planned for in terms impossible to reinterpret, and of the imprudence of continuing your bad habit of procrastinating, plus elicitation of hope and readiness emotion as anchored to the concept of the future, and elicitations of unconscious resolve and commitment to the goal of breaking the procrastination habit.


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