Unlock the Potential of Engaging Your Unconscious Mind to Enhance Your Creativity & Intuition!

One application of hypnotherapy that I practice is the engagement of clients' unconscious minds to recognize and participate more actively with their specific tasks and goals which require a heightened degree of focus, concentration, and/or mental acuity and/or performance, including aspects like memory, problem solving, and executive functioning.

Incredibly, some neuropsychological research indicates that the unconscious mind has 275,000 times the neuroprocessing capacity of the conscious mind, which means that even a little more involvement or calibration from or of the unconscious mind can have a tremendous impact!

More specifically, the unconscious mind is believed to be the wellspring or source of creative insights and intuition, and so by calibrating it to work on the particular topic or work that you wish to enjoy improved creativity for, you can generate incredible ideas and insights!  This is also helpful for issues like "writer's block."


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